Bonnie Vee is a bar & garden located on Stanton Street. It's just off the Bowery below Houston. Its name is an homage to Daniel Abraham and the plane he flew during the famous WWII Kassel mission. 
Bonnie Vee's menu features craft cocktails, approachable yet artisanal international wine and beer, bar snacks, and shareable plates to accompany the bar's curated beverage selection. 

Good drinks, quality ingredients, and a warm atmosphere with friendly service is what we're about. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Daniel Abraham is pictured above kneeling and in sunglasses

In November 1943 Daniel Abraham, the great uncle of co-owner Jason Baron, joined the fight in WWII with his B-24 named "Bonnie Vee" in Germany at the age of 20. Less than a year later in September 1944 Dan and his squadron were tasked with bombing the Henschel engine and motor factory in Kassel, Germany. The "Kassel Mission" would include 39 B-24 Bombers and over 200 men. During their bombing run the squadron was attacked from the rear by over 150 German fighter planes with devastating effects. 25 bombers were lost and over 100 men including Daniel Abraham. 

However, out of his entire crew two men survived the crash and were sent to POW camps deep inside German: Bruce William and Peter Pogovich.

Bruce William the pilot was sent to Stalag Luft III which you may know is known for "THE GREAT ESCAPE". This event was later turned into a movie staring Steve McQueen. Bruce William participated in this daring event and returned home as a Hero. Peter Pogovich also escaped from a POW camp deep inside Germany and also returned home to NEW YORK where he was welcomed as a hero.    

Daniel Abraham Received the following medals for his courageous service: Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart, Air Medal, Prisoner of War, European, African, Middle East Campaign Medal, WWII Victory Medal, Croix de Guerre (French)

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